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On May 24th I visited this nail salon to have a full set of acrylic nails and pedicure. I arrived early and was the 2nd customer in the door. The first question I asked was if they accept card payments and was told "no". I started to leave with the intention of getting cash from the ATM and returning. Immediately the man insisted that I sit and have my nails done and get the money afterwards. I agreed to this and had the services done.

At the end of the service I told the guy who had done my nails that I was going to get the money and return. As I reached the door he shouted behind me and said that I need to leave my handbag. I turned to him with a puzzled look and stated that I would be right back. He said that I could not go unless I left my debit or credit card, driver's license, watch, mobile phone or handbag. I said kept saying that I was not comfortable leaving any valuables however he kept repeating that I could not leave, adding that "people say they are going to get money and don't come back". He went further to say that it had happened just the previous day. I told him that this was not my problem and that his colleague had no right to say that I could go to the ATM after the service if he knew that people don't pay.

In the end I left my handbag, went to the ATM and returned, collected my bag and paid my bill.

I must add that the manicure and pedicure were the worst I have ever had. The acrylic nails were broad and chunky - not feminine at all and he rushed the pedicure, never massaged my feet nor put lotion on them and did not buff my toe nails before applying the polish.

Overall the service was rushed and very poorly done. I blame myself for not complaining at the time but will never allow that to happen again.

Needless to say I will never return to that salon again. Never! Coincidentally it was my birthday on that day and the poor service from that establishment really put a damper on my day.   05-07-14