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Hired a van from All Trans in August 2013 and a guy came out to the van with me, pointed out about 5 dents on the back of the van and marked them on a sheet, then moved me to the side of the van and instructed me to do the rest. Stupidly, I trusted him!

When I returned the van, the receptionist came out with me to check it over, walked straight to the back of the van and pointed out a dent, without even consulting the sheet. She showed me the mark wasn't written down on the sheet - so the previous guy had clearly feigned doing it. The receptionist argued rudely with me when I told her that her colleague had pointed out that exact van to me the day before!

They took money a significant amount out of my account with no notice a month later, after I heard nothing from them so assumed they'd given up on their scam. I wrote a letter of complaint and was accused of being a liar.

Never using these again. Would rather pay more and go somewhere trustworthy.    28-10-13
Tags: , bad service, scam, scammers, van hire