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Absolutely terrible... Went in there to get my Samsung galaxy young fixed and they said they would fix it for me for the next day. I go in there the next day "sorry still broken, come back tomorrow" so I came back the next day. "Sorry still broken come back tomorrow" so I waited three days to give them some time, then they say the same thing. At this point I was rather flustered but kept my cool and said, "I need my phone tomorrow because I'm going on holiday the day after", they say the same "it'll be done by tomorrow" so the day of my holiday they say "we can't fix it" so I wasted a week waiting for their poorly trained technicians to attempt to repair a fairly generic part of a phone and tell me they can't, where I could have gone somewhere else and get it done properly in time for my holiday. Thanks to them I now have no phone for my holiday and have to buy a new cheap one so I can contact people.

Overall - DONT USE THEM AT ALL    01-08-14