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My mother has had horrific experiences at this hospital the treatment and care have been totally appauling. Having a stoma can be a traumatising experience so it should be handled in the most professional way possible. Straight after surgery when my mum had come round she noticed the bag was leaking where it had not been fitted on properly she called a nurse to be told that she had to do the drugs round first so my mother was left in her own toilet for over an hour, this caused my mum to have all sores on her stoma. Finally when the stoma nurse came to my mum she pulled the stoma bag off using no adhesive remover so not only had the toilet burnt her skin she then had the bag ripped of causing tremendous sores but of course she had to have a bag put back on so this caused a vicious circle and you can imagine how demoralising and painful this was for my mother. During her stay at the oaks she asked the night nurse if she could have her bag changes as it was not fulll the bag she turned her nose it was like she could not be bothered and made my mum feel worthless luckily my mum is so strong anyone else I dread to think the damage mentally this would have caused it's certainly scarred my mum for life.

She was also promised when she left the oaks she would have after care so a stoma nurse would come out to her this never happened and my father had to google how to fit the bag and together they managed to do it again this was totolly demoralising for my mum.

I really hope no one encounters the same experience my mother had the treatment was absolutely appauling my mother was treated like dirt.    06-02-17